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The Company

Superspeed Group has more than 20 years of history and experience. A team of entrepreneurs founded the forwarding company and commissioning business in 1985 in Los Angeles, U.S.A. concentrating on warehouse distribution and consolidated freight.

Today the company is one of the most reliable and reputable international freight forwarding and logistics groups. The group networks is our strongest asset. Dedication, innovation, and individual attention with superior customers service are the heart of our business philosophy. Concentrating on individual needs, we provide innovative solutions of outstanding services and operational excellence. We are the roots of your business.

Our Business

By concentrating on getting cargoes to the customer faster, close monitoring, and cost saving, Superspeed has developed from a traditional handling agent to become an international freight forwarder providing integrated logistics and supply chain solutions.

Today the group activities are in the global sea freight, air freight, and overland business with a focus on providing a total supply chain management services.

Superspeed globally facilitates each transport movement across the supply chain. Innovative lead logistics capabilities and comprehensive range of services and industry solutions.

We strive for "The best in every shipment we handle" in line with achieving business goals.